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My weight loss escapades
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in catyneedstolose's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, September 28th, 2005
11:00 am
Okay, so I didn't make it to the store last night which means I am not starting the whole points thing today.

I want to get a stock of good stuff before I start. So today at lunch I am going to make a list of the things I think would be good to get (lean cuisine microwave meals and such that are YUMMY and then some fruits and veggies and stuff).

We also have foods that we pulled out of the freezer in preparation for the storm that need to be eaten (hot dogs, some frozen leftovers, some bbq pork stuff that is YUMMY on sammiches).

I guess I will have to look at the stuff we have at home and make a realistic goal as to what to do with the food that WONT work on WW and when to start. I am going to do the same thing I did last time with the one-meal-of-no-counting thing....on the last day of my WW week, i would go out to dinner with zach and not count the points. It would be my splurge. Chicken Fried Steak and fixins, james coney island, some other fast food, stuff that would normally eat alot of my points up..i would try not to OVERLY stuff myself...but that method worked well the whole time since in all those weeks, i only gained 2 times (and less than a pound both times). Other times i either lost or stayed the same (like over my 2 1/2 week christmas break that included being lethargic due to pain killers from my surgery).

So yeah. I am kind of toying with the idea of doing the Core Plan with them instead of the Points System. The Core Plan consists of a pretty lengthy list of stuff that i can eat all the time...with no counting. I would still have the flex points for treats or other things that arent on the list...i dunno.

we shall see though. I really need to get things rolling with this instead of being lazy. I have been reading alot in the evenings...maybe I should make it to where i can only read if i have done a certain amount of exercise/activity first...since i hardly watch tv (i really only read and fart around on the computer at home) that might work. a nice little incentive program to get my ass in gear.

Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
7:55 am
So I brought my Weight Watchers bible and stuff with me to work today. I weighed myself this morning to get an idea of my points that I have available.

I weighed in at 253.5 pounds. That is a good 4.5 pounds higher than last year when I started weight watchers. So that means I have gained about 29 pounds in a year. Ugh.

At least its not the 60 pounds I gained after I got off speed. That is what put me where I am now. :(

I probably won't START today...I think I have a points allowance of either 28 or 30 daily...I haven't pulled it out yet. One sandwich during lunch is 3 points for bread, 2 for cheese (GOOD deli cheese, not the fake shit they sell), 1 point per slice of ham (i have 2 today). So 7 points for the sammich since i didnt put any kind of dressing on it. Chips are 3 points. I have some pineapple chunks (in their own juice), but I will have to check that out tonight since I didnt look at the label this morning.

I also had one poptart (no icing) just now. That is 5 points right there since its not low-fat or anything. That is kinda depressing.

So, from where I am sitting through lunch, I will have already consumed 15 points not including the pineapple. So 18 points give or take.

Not bad, but I should eat more for breakfast. A measured bowl of cereal with 2% milk was 5-6 points when I was doing WW last year. Healthier than poptarts too. heh.

A whole bagel was something like 5 or 6 points with 1-2 added for the cream cheese. Donuts and Kolaches are out of my diet. I haven't had them in a while and the ones I HAVE had recently have turned me off on them for a while anyway. So it's no big loss.

Need to get more veggies and stuff to keep around for quick preparation. Gonna buy bulk bags of corn/brocolli/anything else that looks good and vacuum seal them into pre-portioned bags so i can drop them into boiling water (kinda like boil-in-a-bag rice)...that way they are cooked through, still crunchy like we like them and still have all the good nutrients and stuff that you can lose when steaming in a regular pot on the stove. we dont have a steamer or anything and this should work fine.

I also want to go through the kitchen and do the points value of most everything i eat. Either write it on the container or make a chart to hang on the cabinet doors or something. I will figure that out tonight or tomorrow.

My 10% loss goal is 25.4 pounds. So 228.1 total weight. Last time I did WW, it took me about 16 weeks (4 or so months). I am pretty sure I could do it faster, but I think that is a good time limit for that amount of weight to lose. And I won't kick myself in the ass if it doesn't work in that amount of time either. It is just a goal. Goals can't always be met.

I have been reading Women's World magazine (weekly publication) for a while. They always have little exercises in there (3 or more). I think I will try to do at least one set of stuff a night (all low-impact and all that jazz)...that should get me 1-2 activity points a day. Which will also help with the weight loss.

Also, no more cokes and (hopefully) no more ice cream. If i dont HAVE it at the house, its okay. Once we have it there, its all downhill from there. Hopefully it will work.

I gotta work now. More on this later as my thoughts develope a bit more.
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
9:40 am
What is it with big-lady jeans ALWAYS having stretch stuff in them these days?

hell, ANY jeans having stretch stuff in them.

It seems the only way I can find jeans that I want (NO STRETCH STUFF!), i have to buy boy-pants. :(

Stretch stuff just does NOT look that good on curves...

I guess it's time to hit up Value Village again to see if I can find anything. I have jeans at home..but they are all kinda tight...to the point where its painful to wear them (waistband only for the most part...for some reason, women's jeans have a waistband that is about 1-2 inches smaller than the stuff directly below it).

I went through my closet yesterday. I have an OVERFLOWING basket full of clothes that are too small for me. I kept some stuff that I know I wanted to be able to wear when I lose a bit of weight (if I drop down to an 18, I can wear everything that is left in my closet).

I can't believe i had that many clothes that didn't fit! No WONDER I always got all sad when I went to my closet. bah.

Another thing about women's clothing...when you get into big-lady sizes...why is it that they think the arm holes have to be HUGE?! I have had to alter quite a few shirts because the armholes (sleeveless) sag and show bra.

Just because our boobies are bigger than "average" making us get a larger size than what we REALLY need (waist-wise), doesn't mean my arms are as big around as my fucking thighs.

And I hate when something looks fine in the morning for no-bra-showing, but then stretches out and i find myself trying to hide my undergarments throughout the day.

this sucks.
Monday, August 22nd, 2005
9:30 am
Ultimate Weight Goal:


I have the range because I have ALWAYS had a crapload of muscle mass...and once I hit 200, I want to start toning up anyway.

I aspire to be a size 10/12. Right now I am a 22/24. I KNOW I can do it because I have done it before, I just have to be better about the WAY I do it this time. Last time included lots of partying and LOTS of speed. NOT GOOD.

I did Weight Watchers for a few months and lost 25 pounds. I KNOW I CAN DO IT AGAIN. Even though I have gained it all back. Hah.

Starting Weight: 250lbs (will weigh myself later for exact weight).

Also going to get measurements of all good areas (arms, chest, stomach, hips, thighs, calves) to measure inches lost as well.

I plan on compiling a list of short term goals/rewards (for example, every 5/10lbs lost I get something nice). Also going to post here weekly with measurements and weight. It will be like my own little weight watchers world! hah.
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